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Get an outsourced CFO to guide you to more profit and more cash flow than ever before. All for one flat monthly fee.

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Your business relies on you, or it all falls apart.
  • You're in a Catch-22. You want to grow your business but need cash to do so; but you can't get more cash without growing your business!
  • You don't have a simple way to know what's working - and what's not working - in your business.
  • You don't know what to do to have a growing and more profitable business.

What's an outsourced CFO?

A CFO's (Chief Financial Officer) job is to guide a business towards being a growing, more profitable and successful business.

We'll give you one so that you can have more profit and more cash flow than last year - every year.


What A CFO Will Do For You

  • Track your profit and cash flow each month.
  • Analyze what's working and what's not working each month.
  • You and your CFO will meet with you for about an hour each month and give you two things.

A Scoreboard - a very clear way to understand the performance of your entire business.

An Action Plan - Your CFO will give you a short list of the most important next steps that need to happen that month.

... all so that you will stay on track to having a growing, more profitable, and successful business.


Movement Consulting is made up of a team of outsourced CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) and business experts who have a heart for helping business owners succeed.

Led by Jeremy Toler, our mission is to help thousands of business owners make more money.

We specialize in helping small business owners have a growing and more profitable business. We know first-hand what if feels like to be overwhelmed, lonely, confused, and frustrated.

But we also know what it feels like to have a business that's financially healthy and is producing more revenue, more profit and more cash (that we can take out of the business) than ever before.

And we're on a mission to help as many business owners as possible have that kind of business.

A business where you can finally take time off.

A business where you can finally earn real money.

A business that works for you...

... instead of you working so hard for the business.

Jeremy Toler, MBA, ASBC, Certified CFO



We have a proven six step method called, The One Clear Path. This is to help you be successful however YOU define success and generate consistent positive cash-flow. We will create a clear scoreboard each month, so you know exactly what to work on to ensure movement towards the targets and goals each month.

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Do you know if you are charging enough to cover all costs of your projects? Most business owners don't know. That is where we come in. We help you by conducting a job costing project and helping you understand exactly how much you need to charge for each item or service so that you have the peace of mind that you are making a profit and all overhead is being covered.  

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Our Process

According to the SBA, most business fail. in fact, half of all businesses never make it to their fifth birthday.


They fail for all kinds of reason (inadequate management, bad marketing, strategy, ineffective employees, lack of cash, no profit, no demand, wrong location, and on and on...)

However, the main reason they fail is because no one was guiding the business owner on how to have a more profitable and higher cash flowing business.

If they did, these businesses would not have failed. Period.

It's not enough to be an expert at your business. It's not enough to have an accountant. It's not enough to get a 'business coach'.

What you need is someone that can do three things for you every single month.

  • Someone to track profit and cash flow.
  • Someone to analyze the strength and weaknesses.
  • Someone to propose corrective action.

This is what a CFO does for big businesses. We believe that all businesses (large or small) need someone like this. That's why we exist!

We created a unique affordable service just for business that are producing revenue between $500k and $5mm a year.

Your CFO will guide you through what we call the ONE CLEAR PATH every single month.

The result: You'll know exactly what to do to have a growing, more profitable and successful business.

There are three main stages to the ONE CLEAR PATH

Stage 1: Your CFO will show you what, specifically is driving the revenue, Proft and cash flow of your business.

Stage 2: Your CFO will uncover what your vision is for you business, and together, we'll set targets for one-year and the next five-years for the revenue, profit, and cash flow drivers.

Stage 3: Each month, your CFO will meet with you and give you a Scoreboard as well as an Action Plan made up of a short list of 'objectives' and 'next steps'.

You will be crystal clear about what needs to happen in order for your business to hit your one-year and five-year targets.



Movement is there to help your business climb the ladder of success. Get your free consultation to see how you and your team can start growing.

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